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Neature Feature: Nature 360

This week’s reading on the future of Outdoor Experiential Education (OEE) by Grant Linney is one that I really resonate with. In order to discuss the reasons why, I am going to momentarily diverge in this discussion. Over the past few weeks we have been encouraged to choose an Alternative Practicum Placement, and several acceptable… Continue reading Neature Feature: Nature 360

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365 PhysEd

This week's Scavenger Hunt of the Health and Physical Education Curriculum document has really brought to my attention the necessity of integrating physical education into other subject areas, such as math and language. There are two key parts of this that I want to discuss, the first of which is the fact that health and… Continue reading 365 PhysEd

Physical Education

Where You Come From Matters

In our sociocultural course we have frequently been encouraged to incorporate diversity into our classrooms both outright and with subtlety. In the language curriculum this seems simple: read books with diverse characters from different social and cultural backgrounds, both for the purpose of discussion and to simply ensure that those cultures are represented. Lately, however,… Continue reading Where You Come From Matters

Physical Education

MindUP: Addressing Health in the Junior Grades

The H&PE Curriculum document provides a forward to the junior grades explaining how students are different developmentally at this stage: physically, cognitively, and emotionally (p.125). The health curriculum in the junior grades is particularly important, as it focuses on risk assessment and protection from and responses to dangerous situations, covering the topics of bullying, substance… Continue reading MindUP: Addressing Health in the Junior Grades