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Neature Feature: Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

As part of my certification requirements I’ve been completing an Alternative Placement this Spring/Summer. I chose to complete a Learning Garden placement, where I basically spend 75 hours gardening/researching/creating. This placement has been fantastic because I’ve learned a lot, really enjoyed being outside, and developed this new appreciation for the natural world. This might sound… Continue reading Neature Feature: Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

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Neature Feature: Nature 360

This week’s reading on the future of Outdoor Experiential Education (OEE) by Grant Linney is one that I really resonate with. In order to discuss the reasons why, I am going to momentarily diverge in this discussion. Over the past few weeks we have been encouraged to choose an Alternative Practicum Placement, and several acceptable… Continue reading Neature Feature: Nature 360