STEAM Education – Building Bridges


This week’s STEAM Elective at University was a lot of fun, and I think that it really helped me develop an understanding of how STEAM activities work. Building bridges taught us how to work together, share our ideas and negotiate our different perspectives. We also had to cooperate with the other groups to share resources that we needed for building. We also benefited from being able to share our own knowledge and to build on that knowledge through hands-on learning.

I also enjoyed the diverse requirements of this activity, such as structural strength and elements of aesthetic design. This element of STEAM activities is perhaps what appeals to me the most, because it allows all students to participate by design. The activity didn’t have to be modified so that different types of learners could participate; everyone can access this activity from where they are at, and can take it as far as they are able. And I think that this was demonstrated by the diversity in the design of just the bridges in our classroom.

I think that after having done a small STEAM activity myself I have a better idea of how to conduct these activities in my own classroom. By providing a little instruction to spark interest and outline safe practices, you can open a world of possibilities for all of your students without limiting the extent of their learning. I look so forward to doing more activities like this!
Have you ever conducted any STEAM inquiries in your classroom? Share your experiences in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you!


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